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Most doors are made from safety glass which will most likely not break and even if it does it will break into pieces that are not sharp enough to hurt you. Glass has however a fair amount of advantages. Its look is unmatched and the effort necessary to keep it clean is tiny compared to all the other materials. The only downside glass has compared to plastic or similar materials is its price which is like 30%-50% above the price of plastic shower doors. Clear Or Frosted Glass? This is more or less a matter of taste. There are a couple of things to consider.

Using a thin framed glass door is completely functional but it doesnt look as finished and high-quality as thicker glass doors do. Another problem with using framed shower doors is that mold and mildew colonies will thrive in the hinges where you cant clean. This will lead to a dirty-looking shower in which you may have to replace the hinges later down the road. If you do decide on a frameless door do your best to keep the frames clean by frequently spraying them with a one part bleach 9 parts water formula. This will help eliminate the microscopic invaders. If you really want your shower to look its best you should consider installing a frameless door for the shower. These doors are free-standing and dont require the support of an aluminum frame.

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Glass shower doors should be replaced with a fibreglass doors where possible or if it breaks. These types of shower doors are not as fragile and have more flexibility in them. Designer shower doors are one of the must have features for most households in this modern era. There are many different features and doors to choose from so it is important before purchasing a door you make a list of your expectancies. A designer door will increase the available space within the bathroom as well as acting as a complete wall against shower water. The doors are sealed around the edges with high quality sealant products that prevent the door from leaking. Inevitably this protects the floor from water keeping it dry. In any bathroom dryness is important as stagnant moist water in the bathroom increases the chances of moulds and bacteria multiplying. With a clean dry bathroom you are improving your health as well as the look and feel of the bathroom.

The brush nickel frame finish accents the ΒΌ-inch tempered frosted glass. The single sliding door is reversible for both left and right opening. The durable top is both scratch and stain resistant while the textured floor is slip resistant. This fiberglass reinforced option costs a little more than $600. Other Shower Door Options While sliding shower doors can be both beautiful and functional you may still want to look into other types of doors. One option is the bi-fold type. Rather than sliding this door folds into two sections upon opening. This type of door usually falls into the price range between $500 and $700 so you are making a long-term investment.

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